Couple Meet & Greet: Katie and Jason (originally published May 2012)

So we recently booked another event for 2013, a good friend of ours Miss Katie and her handsome hubby to be, Jason.

Katie and Jason are getting married October 19th, 2013 at Barrington Hill, a gorgeous horse farm outside Dade City, and Leonard Events couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

We’ve known Katie for about a year now, but we clicked instantly. Katie is fun-loving and smiley, and just a little crazy, and Jason fits her perfectly.  He’s laid back to her insanity, but fun and charismatic as well.

Katie was born and raised in Tampa, Jason’s family moved here when he was 3 but have been here ever since.

When Katie graduated from HS, she moved off to South Carolina to attend the University of South Carolina, while Jason stayed local and went to USF.

After Katie graduated from USC, she came home and got a job at Bonefish to make ends meet until that college degree paid off.  Little did she know she would meet a cute, smiling boy that she would fall head over heels for. and in February 2010, that’s exactly what happened.

Katie was a hostess, Jason a server, but they found time to talk and flirt and slowly get to know each other and well…you see where this leads.

2 years later, on Feb 12th, 2012 Jason proposed.  But he didn’t want to just propose, he wanted to be sneaky so he lined up a special Sunday.
When Katie woke that morning, he asked her for a glass of water.  She grumbled but off she went to get it.  While she was gone, Jason slipped a little grey box under her pillow. She returned to bed, and Jason suggested a pillow fight. Apparently Katie wasn’t in the mood for that sort of thing on this particular Sunday, so she denied him.  Jason’s brain scrambled for ideas to get her to look under her pillow, finally settling on “hide the cell phone”.  As Katie reached under her pillow to claim her prize, she felt the box.  There in the home they shared, Jason asked Katie to be his wife, and of course she said yes.  Then went berserk texting everyone she knows (I woke up to a picture of her hand on my cell phone).

Jason had more in store however, and had gotten her family and closest friends in on the surprise.  He whisked her off to brunch at Oystercatchers, where they were surprised by her loved ones for an amazing day of celebrating, mimosas and family.

When I asked Katie what made her love Jason, she told me it was “that he lets me be exactly who I am, and he trusts me”.  She followed that with “he knows that I have/need my friends and that they are an important part of my fiber (hence including some of them in the proposal) and he knows that I will have everything in order for us always (even if it sometimes drives me crazy) but he knows I wouldn’t have it any other way”

When I asked Jason the same question, his answer was simple “her smile.”  With a smile like Katie’s that’s not at all hard to imagine.

Katie and Jason are amazing people individually, and are even more spectacular together.  We are so looking forward to the next 17 months, helping them plan their big day and enjoy it along the way.  It’s exciting both as wedding planner and as friend, and we are lucky to know them :)

Check out their engagement shoot on Papered Heart photography’s blog:


One thought on “Couple Meet & Greet: Katie and Jason (originally published May 2012)

  1. Thanks Nikki for the link and sweet post about one of our awesome couples! We had such an amazing time with them at their engagement shoot and love how natural and real they are. We cannot wait to hang out with them and be a part of their Fall 2013 wedding.
    Liz with Papered Heart Photography

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