Couple Meet & Greet: Lizzie & Curtis (originally published July 2012)

Now that we finally got some details back from the happy couple, we can officially do a couple meet and greet for Lizzie and Curtis.

Lizzie and I met through our jobs at the law firm, and hubby and I immediately clicked with she and Curtis.

Lizzie is originally from Lakeland, and only ventured out of the area for college. Curtis is from Ocean Springs, MS; then moved to Atlanta for college and eventually to Florida so he could attend USF for medical school.
Lizzie and Curtis met back in college, when they both attended Emory in Atlanta.  They met through mutual friends, but never really connected.  Years later, Curtis saw something snarky Lizzie had posted on Facebook and realized they both now lived in Tampa.  He messaged her asking if she’d like to grab a beer, and she said yes.  They started dating in December of 2010, and got engaged in June of 2012. But more on that in a minute…

Curtis is a doctor here in Tampa, finishing up his residency in neurology. He’s super smart and goofy, and likes to have a good time hanging out with friends when he’s not super busy at work.  He also spends a lot of time at the dog park with the couple’s husky, Blade.

Lizzie works as a conflict specialist at a large law firm, and is also super smart and goofy, which is probably why they get along so well. She spends her time out with friends or taking care of their two hamsters, Bob Marley and Hannibal Lecter (told you, goofy).

When I asked Curtis what he loves most about Lizzie he said her loyalty to her friends and her consideration of others. Funny, that’s two of the things that make Lizzie such an amazing friend as well. His answer made my heart melt just a little :)

and when I asked Lizzie the same, she replied that “Curtis says and does exactly what he’s thinking, he’s only managed to totally fool me once since we’ve been dating and that was in planning our engagement.”  He is a very straightforward guy, and that engagement surprise was amazing! Are you dying to hear it?  Well, here it is:

At the end of May, Curtis called in two of Lizzie’s friends, Mandi and myself, and asked for our help. He told me since he knew I’d planning the wedding, he wanted to make sure we pulled off the perfect proposal.  He had been planning a trip to Savannah to see some of his college friends, and wanted Lizzie to come.  He also had connections in NC with a jeweler he had met a few months back, when he saved the man’s life after a stroke.  With a little pre-planning, Curtis had called the jeweler and his family, and ordered a custom designed ring.  After a little more conversation, the jeweler’s family invited Curtis to spend some time with them at their beach house.  We lined it up nicely so a weekend visit to Savannah with friends would be followed up by some time at Curtis’ “uncle’s” beach house.  I requested some time off for Lizzie, and away they went.

It was soo hard to keep a secret from the day I found out, til the day they left for vacation, especially with Lizzie mentioning how she thought Curtis would never propose.

After time in Savannah where everyone managed to keep their mouths closed,  they headed to NC to meet Curtis’ “family”. They spent an afternoon on the beach, during which Curtis learns that the entire community knows about the upcoming proposal, and Curtis realizes he still hasn’t decided how to actually propose.
After a day on the beach, Lizzie and Curtis both shower and get ready for a BBQ.  Once they get to the BBQ, it’s still not quite sunset yet, so their host suggests they run down to the beach.  Curtis enlists the help of some of the kids to run down and set things up, while he and Lizzie head on down (with everyone sneaking behind them like ninjas).  Once they get to the sand, Lizzie helpfully doesn’t notice the lanterns on the beach, or the people she’s met scampering away. Curtis leads her to the lamps, pretending he doesn’t know what they are.  Lizzie doesn’t read the words written in the sand until he gets her around to read them correctly.  As she reads the words “Lizzie will you marry me?” Curtis kneels behind her.  She turns, and he asks out loud. She screams and squeaks and cries for about 3 minutes, before Curtis reminds her she hasn’t answered.  She of course, screams YES!

All of these pictures are thanks to sneaky friends hiding in the bushes to capture the perfect moment.

and the couple in the above right photo was staying in the hotel on the beach and watched the whole proposal from their balcony. They came down to congratulate the couple and give them champagne! How sweet :)

a little later, fireworks started exploding down the beach.  Lizzie was thrilled and Curtis had to admit that they were not his doing.  Still, a perfect end to a perfect night. They went back to the BBQ and had a rousing good time, then called up their friends (including me) at midnight to show them this:


Now we are planning a June 2013 wedding for the happy couple, and having a great time doing it. Lizzie and Curtis are some of the most amazing people I know, and truly truly enjoy being with each other.  It’s an honor to know them, and to be a part of this from start to finish :)

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