Dress Shopping with Hallie (originally published May 15th,2012)

Hi again bloggers!

In May, we had the genuinely enjoyable experience of going wedding dress shopping with one of our brides, Hallie.  Her mom and sister were in town from MN, so she wanted to pick out her gown with their help.

We, along with Hallie, her family and another bride, all went over to David’s Bridal in Tampa for the day.

David’s was packed busy, but all of the staff was super friendly and helpful! We got Hallie into a room and into her first pick dress.

Obviously, no pictures of Hallie in her dresses, but here’s a dress I just loved in the store:

The first one was a huge hit with family and friends alike.  Hallie even teared up a little.

The dress consultant brought over a few more, and while they were gorgeous, you could tell they just didn’t do it for Hallie.  With a wistful expression on her face each time, she’d say “it’s pretty but…” until finally we put her back in dress number 1.  Her face lit up and she nodded her approval.  Everyone agreed that dress 1 was the dress for Hallie.
The consultant helped Hallie to the stage, she made her wish and rang the bell.  The whole store clapped, and then we took pictures.

Dress purchased celebration!

After Hallie had decided, she had her girls try on a few dresses as well, and even that was quick and painless. A cute strapless number for the Maid and Matron of Honor, and a chiffon knee length dress for the other 4 bridesmaids.  Hallie definitely has a great sense of style, and will have an amazingly dressed wedding party for sure!

All in all, Hallie’s dress shopping was a relatively painless experience. The only time we’ve been dress shopping so far was for our own wedding, and that was not nearly as enjoyable.

Hallie is a girl who knows what she wants, and knows when she finds it.  and her dress was below budget, leaving room for some adorable accessories!!  David’s Bridal did a great job accommodating Hallie’s group of 6, and even though the store was busy, everyone had a great time.  The store just had an air of genuinely liking to help brides,and all the other brides were friendly and supportive as well.  I really don’t know how it could have gone any better.  So there you go, a quick peek into the dress buying experience for one bride.  The dream experience every girl wishes she can/will have.

on the way to the dress store!

Southern Elegance Events is looking forward to more projects with Hallie, as well as more dress shopping with other brides in the future :)


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