Hints for Brides and Grooms! Originally posted 4/19/2012

This blog post isn’t about one event in particular, but more so about upcoming and exciting events, as well as some hints and ideas!
We have 3 weddings for next year, as well as various other parties and celebrations between now and then, and while working on them, I’m noticing lots of trends that I’m excited to study and try.

One of our brides is going vintage and outdoorsy, and while working on her wedding, I’ve noticed that hanging things in trees is incredibly popular (keep your eyes peeled for our Tablescapes blog, towards the end of May to see this in action). Some ideas to get you started:

Some homemade ideas from http://www.flor.com/blog/repurposed-recycled-remarkable-bottle-lights/

Hint: if you see something you love, do it.  You can always find ways to tailor everything in your wedding, so if you need to change other things to fit in with the one thing you love, do it.  Your wedding planners are here to help make your dreams a reality, so don’t be afraid to ask for something.

Hint # 2: Personalization.  Southern Elegance Events  is HUGE on customized and personalized.  It doesn’t have to be expensive and really can make all the difference between “that one wedding we went to” and “do you remember Joe and Sally’s wedding and that amazing______?!!”

We’re so excited to share our ideas and things we find with you, as well as some helpful hints to get you started on your journey, so keep checking back.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a wedding, any party big or small can be a fantastic event, as long as there are amazing details!


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