Vendor Highlight: Elise’s Pieces (originally published July 2012)

So, while we’re waiting to hear back from some wedding blogs regarding our Secret Garden shoot, we decided to do another Vendor Highlight for a favorite baker of ours Elise’s Pieces.  Elisa is a gorgeous woman living in Tampa, who bakes amazing cakes and cookies for pretty much any event.

Per her website:
“Elise’s Pieces is a custom cake business, featuring dessert cakes with avant-garde and whimsical decorations created using the newest embellishment techniques. Our cakes are made using the finest ingredients, moist and baked fresh for your event. From elegantly simple to bold and witty, from grand event cakes to small intimate celebration cakes, we are dedicated to crafting a delicious showpiece that will highlight and support the thrill of your affair.”

We personally used her last fall for a lingerie bridal shower we assisted with. Elise is super friendly and bubbly in person, and a delight to work with. She went over every detail with us and gave us exactly what we asked for:

Cute, a little naughty and all the way delicious!  The cookies were a huge hit with the bride, and the guests.  For the longest time, no one wanted to eat them and ruin the art, but eventually we dug in and they were just as tasty as they are pretty.

She’s got tons of pictures up on Facebook for you to peruse, but we are obsessed with this wedding cake and wanted to share:

and these adorable mini cakes:

As you can see, Elise’s Pieces definitely has the artistic talent one looks for in a wedding and event cake maker. and from personal experience, she has the baking chops too.  Everything we’ve tried from her has been perfectly decorated and delicious.  Email her for ideas and price quotes, or check out her link above to see more pictures.  You’ll be glad you did!

All photos by Elise’s Pieces.


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