Beat the Heat Summer Wedding Ideas

Around the country, and around the world, people love to get married in the Summer.   Here in Florida, we have more weddings year-round, but summer is still a big hit for weddings.  Vacation time, sunshine..what’s not to love??  Well, for some, the heat can be a little much, especially coupled with the summer showers Florida is known for.

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you beat the heat (and the rain) for your summer wedding and enjoy every minute to the fullest!

1- If you’re having an outside wedding, be sure to have a back up plan! Whether it be an indoor room, a tent or another venue; if the rain starts pouring down, or the temperature is just too high, have somewhere you can use instead so you and your guests can still party the night away no matter what the weather does!

It can also offer a reprieve from the beating sun for your guests.  A shaded place to sit and a cool drink will do wonders for those who have flagging energy.
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2- Try to schedule summer weddings towards the evening hours, closer to sunset.  While afternoon weddings are a must for some cultures, and that’s completely okay, if you have an option, choose later in the afternoon. You can get married a little before sunset, take some gorgeous sunset photos and enjoy the rest of the evening as darkness falls and the temperature drops (at least a little)!

3- Make sure to provide plenty of non- alcoholic beverages for guests, ideally before the ceremony even starts til the very end of the reception.  Alcohol is great, but with the heat in the summer, people also need to stay cool and hydrated. Providing them with waters, juices, teas and lemonades will help them keep their energy up and enjoy your party longer, as well as helping to ensure that no one ends up with dehydration or heat stroke! You can find cute ways to do this, whether you have a bartender or not.
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4- You should also opt for lighter foods.  An outdoor or midday summer wedding is not necessarily conducive to foods like soups.  Stick to fun summer foods like grilled meats or vegetables, kababs and salads. Guests will  love a dessert table with sorbet, ice cream, popsicles etc, as long as you provide enough napkins to keep their clothes clean. Wonton tacos and ceviche make great passed appetizers too!

5- We always carry extra umbrellas in our cars for weddings we work.  If you think there’s a chance of rain during your event, look into getting some cheap umbrellas or ponchos from the dollar store, and providing them in cute baskets for your guests. You can offer these at the doors of the ceremony if the guests need to move from ceremony to reception, or just at the reception for guests who need to go to their cars or step outside for a moment.  You can also do the same with cheap sunglasses or handheld fans for the midday heat.

It’s also a great idea for couples to invest in a big, pretty golf umbrella. That way, if it rains, you can take couple’s portraits snuggled under your umbrella and stay dry. The pictures always look amazing!

6- Finally, consider the time of day and weather when you set the attire for your wedding.  Think in terms of what the bridal party wears, as well as what you ask guests to wear. Formal is fine if your wedding is indoors and air-conditioned, but asking for black tie or formal wear for a mid afternoon outdoor wedding will end up with unhappy guests and a sweaty wedding party. Some suggestions are light sheath dresses, linen suits and cotton to keep everyone cool and dry on the wedding day.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, we hope our above suggestions can be of help!  Any of them can help you, and your guests enjoy your event even more.Oh, and brides- airbrush make up is a good way to go if you’ll be outside in the heat! It tends to stay on better, even though sweat so you’ll be flawless all night!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little glance into summer weddings, especially here in Florida!

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