Whew has it been a long time since we’ve posted! The fall was packed busy with marketing and networking events, some big family news, the holidays and of course, weddings! While we wait for the photos to come back so we can share our fall weddings with you, we thought we’d take a minute to update you on some happenings with the company.

We decided back in October that business was expanding enough to justify bringing a third person in to join our husband and wife team.  After looking through quite a few resumes and conducting a few interviews, we decided to keep it close to home and hired Alicia.  Alicia and Nikki have been friends since high school, and Alicia has always had a passion for events.

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She went to West Virginia University to study interior design, and while there also worked for the University’s catering company working large events.  After college, she moved back to Florida and took up ballroom dancing as a hobby, and even went to far as to become a ballroom dance instructor!

Great ballroom dance make up!

Great ballroom dance make up!

Alicia has a talent for design and a creative mind, not to mention some killer dance skills, and we thought those attributes combined with her catering background made her the perfect fit for the team!

She’s working as an assistant event coordinator with us currently, but will be taking on her own events starting in late Spring.  She’s also given us the ability to add ballroom dance lessons to the services we can offer our clients, which we are very excited about!

Alicia is smart, bubbly and fun, and can make any couple feel at ease while she gets the job done to make their day spectacular. We are thrilled to have her as part of the Southern Elegance Events family, and can’t wait for you all to meet her!


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