Rustic Manatee Riverhouse Wedding

Meghann and Tadd are one of the sweetest couples you can imagine. They came to us in January and really wanted an end of June wedding. Meghann is getting her master’s and just did not have time to deal with all that is involved in wedding planning, and we were happy to help!  They wanted a smaller, rustic wedding that reflected both their tastes and love for each other. It ended up being one of the most fun events ever!

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Meghann’s grandparents got married on the same date, so Meghann and Tadd set up an honorary area for them, complete with their marriage certificate!


Meghann and Tadd met when she was out with some girlfriends, and fell down the stairs. Tadd happened to be standing at the bottom, and got her a napkin and sat down with her. They talked and became friends, and then realized they shared the same values, and Tadd asked her to be his girlfriend. The rest is history!!

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We picked the Manatee Riverhouse for the venue, with all its exposed wood, river views and rustic charm. Jill & Joe from Jillian Joseph Photography were on hand to capture the day,  and KyleLynn did the hair and make up! Craig from Black Tie DJs had the best playlist going, and we all had a fantastic time!!  The bride’s stepmom made the centerpieces herself. and they fit perfectly with the space and the feel that Meghann and Tadd wanted to have!

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Lauren from I Do Ceremonies performed a touching ceremony, perfectly customized to Tadd & Meghann. After Jill captured a few stunning sunset photos, the dancing began! Eat drink and be married is one of our favorite sayings, and it perfectly captures this wedding!!


After some minor issues with the dresses, which Southern Elegance Events was more than happy to help correct, the party got under way!

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The pie bar with pies from Yoder’s in Sarasota was a HUGE hit, and there was enough for the vendors to enjoy as well, and believe me, enjoy we did!

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As the night wound down, Meghann and Tadd made their grand exit down the dock of the Riverhouse, complete with sparkler send off!  Guests were raving about how much fun they had, and how they did not want the night to end!

Sarasota Wedding Venue: Manatee Riverhouse
Sarasota Wedding Catering and Bar: Manatee Riverhouse
Sarasota Wedding Planner: Southern Elegance Events
Sarasota Wedding Photographer: Jillian Joseph Photography
Sarasota Wedding DJ: Black Tie DJs
Sarasota Wedding Officiant: I Do Ceremonies 
Sarasota Wedding Gowns: David’s Bridal
Sarasota Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Sarasota Wedding Hair & Make Up: KyleLynn Weddings
Wedding Pie Bar: Yoder’s Amish Restaurant


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