Hallie’s Boudoir Bridal Shower

On November 17th, we headed to Sarasota to throw a shower for a dear friend, Hallie to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.  Hallie likes the color pink, painting her nails and panties so we tried to tie that all together with her Boudoir Bridal shower. Check out the pics and enjoy!


We played a game where Hallie had to guess who had bought her which panties. She didn’t do very well, but it was a lot of fun and she got lots of good underwear out of the deal!ImageImageHallie is super thoughtful and got flowers for all her bridal party!ImageImage

We tried to make the favors something different and reusable, while staying in theme. Each bag had a pink lollipop to say thanks, a pink nail file and a small pink bottle of nail polish!ImageImageImage

A Slice of Heaven in Sarasota made these adorable cupcakes exactly as we ordered, and they were delicious too!ImageImage

Custom napkins from The Knot were one of the bride’s favorite touches.


We finished the food with a custom pink sangria and a pink mimosa punch.  Image

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek, and for the rest of the photos, check out our facebook page or website!


Sarasota Bridal Shower Planning: Southern Elegance Events
Sarasota Bridal Shower Catering: Publix
Sarasota Bridal Shower Cupcakes: A Slice of Heaven

All photos used with permission of the bride and groom. Photos property of Southern Elegance Events  and may not be used or reproduced without written consent.


Bridal Showers (originally published 9/29/2012)

So I know we’ve been slacking on the blog lately.  As I mentioned last time, we have 5 upcoming weddings, a bridal shower and a bachelorette party as well as a big photo shoot.  We love being busy busy (and are still accepting 2013 events) but it leaves less time for the marketing aspects.

We wanted to take a break from meeting vendors this weekend and share some cute ideas we’ve stumbled upon for bridal showers. There are so many cute ideas out there, to match all sorts of themes!! We don’t want to share all our ideas, since we do have an upcoming shower, but we’ll give you some cute stuff to peruse!


These look so yummy!! Strawberries filled with cheesecake?? You could use these for any theme or any party.


Decorative walls are becoming increasingly popular, because they’re fairly easy to do and can be done in any colors. You can use ribbons, cloth or do what Martha Stewart weddings did, and use crepe paper!


These are so feminine and pretty. Perfect for a tea party type shower.

These are whimsical and so cute, and come in any color you need them! Definitely great to the cocktails at the shower!


These were done for a rainbow themed shower, but you could do an array of different fruits to match the color scheme.  Much easier and cleaner than a big bowl of fruit salad!! Not to mention adorable.

To leave you, we’ll show you some photos of a bridal shower stylized shoot we did a few months back:





Beer Tasting Birthday BBQ

Last weekend we planned and hosted a beer tasting BBQ for a 27th birthday party.  The birthday boy loved beer, and always wants to try new ones, so it was the perfect party.

To start things off and welcome everyone, we constructed a “beer can cake” for the entry way of the venue, complete with Fireball mini bottle candles for an extra pop.

beer, birthday party, men's parties, tampa fl, sarasota fl

We ordered custom signs stating things like “Beer Here”, “Lagers”, “Ales” and “Stouts” to draw attention to the party, and make sure all the guests knew what beers went where:

beer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa flbeer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa fl

There were also custom cards for “Zack’s Birthday” that gave the guests space to keep track of which beers they enjoyed, and which beers they never want to taste again.

beer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa fl

We asked all the guests to bring a 6 pack of their favorite beer (or a beer they’ve been wanting to try) to share with the party.  We assigned each guest a category to round out the tasting nicely.

beer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa flbeer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa flbeer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa fl

We also ordered a custom cake from Sweet Doctors in Sarasota, FL.  They designed the top of the cake to look like the top of a beer bottle, complete with “established” date for the birthday boy:

beer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa fl

and just in case you were curious, we did have food to keep everyone from getting too drunk on all the great beers.  We had homemade pizza bites, chips, pretzels and dips, as well as grilled delights and the red velvet cake!
beer, birthday party, bbq, men's birthdfay, tampa fl

All in all it was a ton of fun to throw, and the birthday boy and all his guests kept raving about how much fun they had.  It gave everyone a chance to try things they’d never tried before, without having to pay a ton of money at a bar to do it.

We’re looking forward to many more parties in the future, including some bridal showers this fall :)

Photos property of Southern Elegance Events and may not be used or reproduced without written consent.