Couple Meet & Greet: Jared & Jen

Happy Monday event seekers!
Today we have another meet and greet for you.  This one is for adorable Jared and Jen! I’ve been waiting to post this until I had pics, but we’re a little behind on those, so you can have the meet and greet, then pictures after!

Jared hails from Hastings, MN and went to the Hamline School of Law before moving down to the sunny state of Florida.  He has three daughters from a previous marriage: Holly, Ally and Kelly.

Jen is from right here in Tampa.  She spends most of her free time raising, training and riding horses.  She and Jared have four horses together! She’s also in charge of their two dogs, Izzy and Emma.  I got to meet the horses at a meeting a few weeks ago and they are GORGEOUS!

Jared and Jen met when they ended up working in the same office.  They both enjoy sitting by the pool (and drinking beer!) horseback riding and just generally being outside, so they obviously hit it off and began dating in May of 2011.  Just over a year later, Jared took Jen on a trip to St. Augustine for a long weekend, and while there, surprised her with a proposal!!

We asked them, like we always do, what they love most about each other. Their answers were a perfect peek into why they work so well together.  Jared loves Jen’s gorgeous eyes, sense of humor and how she loves him.  Jen loves Jared’s blue eyes, sense of humor and the way he spoils her.  Sounds like a great match to us!

Now they’re planning their December 8th wedding in Bradenton, FL.  They’re having a gorgeous,intimate beachside wedding and are so excited it’s getting so close.

Their dream honeymoon would be 2 weeks of horseback riding in Tombstone, AZ riding the same streets Wyatt Earp did.  That sounds like a lot of fun! I guess we’ll have to wait and see if their dream comes true :)


Couple Meet & Greet:Jon and Monica (originally published 8/17/2012)


Monica is originally from Sarasota then moved down south to go to Florida Gulf Coast University then moved back to her hometown (who wouldn’t?).  Jon is originally from Naples and joined the Marines after high school.


The couple met on in January of 2009, and knew immediately it was something special. I love a good internet dating story!! They began dating, and with his being in the military, it was obviously a lot harder to do.  When I asked Monica what she wanted our blog followers to know about her and Jon, she replied “We are in a military relationship so generally it is a lot different than others. You never take your time spend together for granted and truly know the meaning of distance makes the heart grow fonder :)

When they do have time together they like to do date nights, go to the movies and the beach and watch the UFC Fights.

Fair warning: when I asked the couple what they love most about each other, it brought tears to my eyes, so read on with that in mind:
Jon says he loves that Monica is so kind, and goes over the top for everyone.
Monica says that Jon taught her what true love is. He’s compassionate and a good listener and there for her whenever she needs him.

Jon’s also great at surprises!  The morning he proposed it was bright and early, and Monica was leaving Jon’s house in Naples to go to work in Sarasota.  She was in the bathroom getting ready, and heard someone moving around but didn’t think much of it. Then as she went to the bedroom to get her stuff, she noticed the light was on and thought Jon had simply woken up to say good bye.  As she grabbed her purse, he got down on one knee, and asked her to be his bride :)

Now we’re planning a December 29th, country club wedding that will be gorgeous.  The military’s schedule of events kept them from having the date (and amount of time to plan) they wanted, but Monica is doing a great job of keeping her cool and making this day perfect and Southern Elegance is thrilled to help this military couple have their dream day :)

Photos courtesy of Ashley Grimes