“Nikki was our day of wedding coordinator and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who is dependable, supportive and attentive. Nikki was always one step ahead of me as I was planning, and the extra attention to detail was greatly appreciated along the way. She consistently had a smile on her face and knew exactly what to say to remind me that my day was going to be perfect. On the day of the wedding, Nikki was always right there when we needed her. I can’t say enough thanks to show my appreciation for her time, effort, and her sweet personality!” ~ Melissa (11/23/2013)
“Nikki was amazing! She dealt very professionally in extremely challenging situations. She was patient dealing with difficult family members and did her best to appease opposing parties. We also had a lot of specific traditions that were very important to us that we wanted to follow for our wedding, and Nikki was eager to learn more to make sure we got the wedding we envisioned. She was very responsive to our needs and was sure to do quick but comprehensive research. Nikki produced vendor list spreadsheets (because spreadsheets are the best way to stay organized) with quotes, reviews, and web site links that made our decisions so much easier. She set up appointments, worked as our liaison with vendors, and helped in any way she could. Whatever we asked, Nikki did her best to accommodate. We really appreciate all of her hard work and would recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a good value — her prices are incredibly competitive without sacrificing quality. She really does give you her all.” ~ Shari (6/17/2013)
“My husband, friends and family, and I recommend Southern Elegance Events whole-heartedly. Not only was our logistically complicated wedding (and my perpetual procrastination and ridiculous anxiety) handled with exceptional professionalism, but a myriad of unforeseeable by even the most clairvoyant day-of issues were handled subtly and efficiently and resulted in a, by all accounts, fantastic event. Nikki goes above and beyond her duties to ensure that you have exactly the level of involvement in the planning process that you’re comfortable with, and is very good at calming even the most anxious bride. She will tell you what is, and is not, possible on your budget without drama and will find options and organize your event in a clear, concise manner. We elected to hire Southern Elegance for the full planning package and are very thankful that we did, as we had complications and personal demands arise unexpectedly that Nikki handled with ease and grace. Everything from difficult vendors to a developing tropical storm.. No challenge too great for Southern Elegance and Nikki. This wedding would not have come together or been such a success without Nikki and we all encourage anyone, especially a very anxious bride like myself who was totally overwhelmed by the mere idea of the process, to hire Southern Elegance Events. Nikki can’t cure anxiety, but she can ensure that the day is a wonderful and memorable success.” ~ Lizzie (6/1/2013)
“We can’t thank Nikki enough for making our day truly amazing. She went far beyond my expectations and provided excellent professionalism. Thank you so much for all you did to make our day go smoothly!” ~Diana 5/26/2013)

“Nikki was great!  We had our reception upstairs at a neighborhood (‘dive’) bar and I was very worried that the venue would not lend itself to the kind of atmosphere I was going for. I found Nikki about 6 weeks before the wedding and had already picked out most of the decorations. This was a destination event which made things even more difficult! Nikki was very responsive and helpful with any questions I had before the wedding. Then, I simply dropped off the decorations and while I was being pampered for my ‘big day’ she set everything up! It was awesome to come into the reception (after we got married on the beach at sunset) and see the finished product! I was so happy!! I would definitely recommend Nikki for any size job… she listens to what you want and takes care of things so you don’t have to worry!” ~ Jessica 5/25/2013

“Nikki did a fantastic job with our wedding. She took all of the stress out of that very busy day! Every time someone arrived or something important was going to happen Nikki was there to make sure all went well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone having a wedding.” ~Jared (12/8/2012)
“Nikki was absolutely amazing leading up to our wedding as well as on our wedding day. I do not think that we would have known when to do what if it wasn’t for her. She was always very easy to get a hold of and was very professional, yet fun. I have truly enjoyed working with her and I will recommend her to anyone who gets married. She is great and I feel every bride should use her 🙂” ~Monica S (12/28/2012)
“I am so happy I had Nikki at Southern Elegance Events as my wedding coordinator. I believe my wedding went as smoothly as it did because of Nikki’s professionalism, quick thinking, and leadership abilities. My wedding was everything we ever dreamed of thanks to her! She helped with everything from planning the processional to making sure all the gifts were put in the right car. Her advice was so valuable. I had a slight issue at the reception venue with the location of the cocktail hour because of a cold front that rolled in the day of the wedding. Nikki coordinated a change of locations so quickly and professionally, none of the guests noticed. She went above and beyond to make sure that everything was taken care of. I would recommend her to any bride!” ~Hannah T. (2/17/2013)
“Nikki was a charm. In hosting this Baby Shower for our Daughter, Nikki provided all the planning, organization and prep service to make the Shower a success. From designing and sending the invitations, managing the RSVP’s and providing the decorations and cake, she made this event a very smmoth process and a great success. Would highly recommend Nikki for any event due to her professionalism, organizational skills and attention to detail (no detail left unaddressed). We will definately be using her services in the future.” ~Donn (3/17/2013)
“Nikki with Southern Elegance Events was nothing but perfection on my wedding day. I was so at ease not having to worry about a thing. She made sure everything was exactly where it needed to be including the groom and I. Sipping cocktails before your ceremony because everything is taken care of is THE best way to start a wedding day. Nothing but amazing things to say about Nikki and her company!” ~Hallie H (3/30/2013)
“I’ve been to A LOT of weddings and events in the past but the most recent wedding I attended went off smooth as butter thanks to the steadfastness, ingenuity and preparation of Southern Elegance Events. ” ~ Brian S. (guest of wedding)
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